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    1. MIG200I


      Top Features
      • High current range of 200 amps provides the ability to weld  over 0.8 mm plate
      • MMA function ensures the power to weld 3.2 electrodes
      • MCU synergic control  technology, getting you free from parameter adusting trouble
      • Multi-function: gasless flux core,gas solid wire and MMA process
      • Convenient operational interface with digital meter. Automatically matching welding parameters
      • Perfect match for 1.0mm flux core wire, 0.8mm solid wire and 3.2mm electrodes
      • Overheat,over-current and over-voltage detection,anti-shock and anti-sticking functions
      • Built to IP21 classification to ensure reliability in harsh and demanding environmental conditions
      • DC Stick DC MIG/MAG (gas/gasless)
      Input power
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